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Our consultants have extensive years of experience in the oil and energy sectors of supply, logistics, storage, transportation, marketing, trading of crude oil and petroleum products, as well as blending operations of crude oil and petroleum products according to refinery and end-customer requirements.


Our team members background include:



  • Launching and running the third-party crude trading subsidiary for an oil producer
  • Development of new businesses
  • Evaluation of system and operational infrastructure pursuing goals in optimization and creation of value
  • Advising on the Latin American and US market


Petrochemicals and Fertilizers


  • Negotiations of long-term olefins contracts with joint ventures

  • Pricing olefins in an olefins-plastic complex

  • Contract administration of olefins, industrial products and utilities

  • Design and operation of economic optimization models for a fertilizer and olefins complex 

  • Elaboration of feasibility studies for individual petrochemical plants and for olefins-plastic complexes

  • SAP implementation in the petrochemical industry


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